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Nine for News

Vrij en onafhankelijk nieuws

Jouw bron voor het nieuws, waar de reguliere media meestal over zwijgen.

Amazing Polly

Our entire culture is narcissistic & I use my channel to work through my own cognitive dissonance via humor, philosophy, stream of consciousness vlogs and commentary on current events. I enjoy discussing morality, truth, integrity & how to keep sane, strong and whole while swimming in a soup of gaslighting & lies, smear campaigns & psychological warfare. My hope is that something I say will help someone else and that, at the very least, we can sometimes laugh together about this whole messy existence!

I Am that I Am

Wil jij je gedachten leren begrijpen en kamp je met paniekaanvallen? Lees dan ook eens Gedachten

Ademen – Gronden meditatie. Ontwikkeld en ingesproken door Yria Meijer. Productie, muziek en opname: Frans van Wingerden

Nieuwetijdskind Magazine

Magazine over spiritualiteit, hooggevoeligheid en bewuste opvoeding.

Nieuwetijdskind Magazine bereikt met haar artikelen en video’s iedere maand anderhalf miljoen mensen die actief op zoek gaan naar relevante informatie op gebied van bewustzijnsontwikkeling, hooggevoeligheid, bewuste opvoeding en spirituele groei.

Lisa A. Romano Breakthrough Life Coach Inc.

Lisa A. Romano specialises in helping others heal from codependency, narcissistic abuse, emotional neglect, psychological invisibility, and alike. She believes that all dysfunctional thinking is a product of childhood brainwashing, and that programming can be changed through a commitment to self-awareness. Codependency is a way of relating to others that is rooted in non-self-identity. Codependents seek validation outside of themselves in all that they do, unconscious that they are repeating the cycles of childhood. Because they were taught that their emotions are insignificant, codependents do not know how to check in with their own emotions for guidance. Sadly codependents attract people who demand to be validated in the relationship and thus continue the abuse of invisibility. For educational purposes only.

Mooie krachtige helende meditatie voor ons gekwetst innerlijk kind.

Gemaakt door Lisa A. Romano, Life coach en auteur.
It’s not your fault, it was never your fault.

Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

Ralph Smart is a Psychologist. Life Coach. Author. Counselor. Criminologist. Alchemist. Educator. Researcher. VFX Artist. Cinematographer. & Infinite Being. Feel Alive by Ralph Smart. The New Book Below: New Videos Every Week! Being Free is Your Birthright! Website: Email: An Infinite being looking forward to connect with like minds who are in the process of becoming super human, or have already become so. I also have published a Science Fiction – Tryathon – The Love of A Galaxy by Ralph Smart: Diving Deep Once Again :).

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